Comic Book, Work in Progress related to the dream Interview.

Comic Book, Work in Progress related to the dream Interview.

Moved from characters, and are focusing on making things. for the final presentation :)

Moved from characters, and are focusing on making things. for the final presentation :)


Dr. : Hello, what’s your name? 
DDR-1: My name is ████████. 2

Dr. : How old are you? 
DDR-1: 25

Dr. : What do you do?
DDR-1: Accountant

Dr. : what was the dream about?
DDR-1: Being chased, for some reason I’m running, unsure why but I just need to get away.

Dr. : can you describe your dream?
DDR-1: Its dark, cold and damp. Im standing there, then I hear a loud crack, like glass. A feeling of panic builds and I just want to get away, sometimes the setting changes to a river and I’m running on water, then I just drop. Im falling then before i hit anything I wake up.

Dr. : what/who did you see? 
DDR-1: No one in particular, maybe a dark figure?

Dr. : where was the dream set? 
DDR-1:outside in the open, maybe a forest or cornfield, possibly a park.

Dr. : where do you go everyday?
DDR-1: Work, home, a pretty steady routine.

Dr. : when did you have this dream?/ how often have you had this dream?
DDR-1:2 weeks ago but as the amount of times I’ve had this dream grows I’m beginning to remember more. i think the first time i awoke with the sense of urgency to get away was possibly like 3 weeks. This dream has occurred maybe 14+ times.

Dr. : how did you feel during and after your dream?
DDR-1: Panicked, Worried, Stressed, Elevated heart rate, 

Dr. : have you been to any unusual place?
DDR-1: Not recently, that i can remember.

Summary Details Of Integrated Practice

For the series of images, I wanted them to flow with a hint of a story. Moving from natural Images into more edited “surrealist times” and then back into a realistic image.

The first Image is a selection of four images, arranged into a grid. Overall I wanted the grid to reflect the train tracks with a bit more emphasis on pieces. I added a black border to this image as i felt it contained the grid.

Second Image, Was created with a delayed shutter speed. The combination of the light trails and the subject walking away into the “distance.” create a sense of going some where else, alter world.

Third one, Is of the train tracks with an overlaid forest. The idea was to represent the abstract contrast of industrial vs nature. I decided to present it on the side as it adds a more abstract feeling as at a first glance. Its not so obvious as to what it is. also goes well with the alterer world i was creating.

Forth Image was created  by combining multiple images. The idea behind the image was a sense of lost home, and wanting freedom represented by the bird. Lighting: i went for a softer light, and decided to have majority of it in Black and white, allowing the bird to stand out.

Fifth Image the photo is a lot more realistic with the bridge, A darker shadow then the reflection. The reflection has then been added in and i feel sums up the series nicely as it has a some what real feel. doing a loop back to the beginning of the series. The diagonal lines created give a feeling of unease.

Idea’s and what we are creating…

So far the actual project has changed slightly, with more of a focus towards the original “idea” of lucid dreaming, whilst people’s dreams are connected. Its this idea that we are in itself creating transmedia with.

We are working towards developing a story, created within the virtual world of social media. This done via through the use of small trailer clips, expressing dreams through the perspective of the ‘dreamers’.This will have more of a blog type, so the dreamer has made it to try show and share the content. And another slightly separate video series of Interviews from the perspective of someone studying this bizarre behaviour of dreams being linked. this second series will probably have a more sterile, official tone to it.